Sunday, 11 June 2006

Bad Hair Day!

Ohh my hair's in a state at the moment and I desperately need a hair cut and a good colouring. Unfortunately I've yet to find a hairdresser in this country that can cut my hair to my liking. I'm not fussy but most British hairdresser just don't know how to deal with my hair as firstly it's not fine and thin but rather coarse and thick! I've been to a few, including well-known ones but always coming out feeling not like a million dollar babe, instead a frump! My hair need thinning and I find that majority don't really know how to deal with my hair. Instead they resort to cutting it shorter and making the problem worst!!! I gave up eventually and only do my hair each time I return home to visit my parents which is once a year! This time is no exception as I want a layered bob and new highlights so the moment I hit the ground in Singapore, will give my hairdresser a call and book for an early appointment!

Today weather was sweltering again and it did give me a throbbing headache! Hubby was laughing at me as he couldn't understand it since I should be used to it but having lived abroad for more than 10 years, I'm kinda climatised to the weather here and therefore it does take getting used to the heat once again. Just wondering how I'm gonna cope when I go back next month but thankfully dear old dad has fitted a new air-con unit in my room so I guess I'll be spending most of my time in there!

Thankfully we didn't go cycling today. Instead went shopping as Oliver's Nan wanted to get him a pair of sandals for his birthday (which is next month but he won't be around). So we went to the Fort Shopping Centre. Managed to find him his sandals, topped up on sunblock SPF 50 lotions and also bought myself Scrapbook Inspiration magazine but only b'cos I wanted the template! I had a good browse through the Scrapbook Magazine but wasn't particularly inspired by it. The free Rusty Pickle papers did look good but I much prefer getting the actual papers instead! Flipped through the SI mag and was quite impressed by the contents. Picked up some scrapliftable elements!

My fridge in the kitchen is acting up funny. Got out a bottle of fizzy water only to find that it was frozen!!! FROZEN --- that fridge doesn't even have a freezer unit at all! Not only that, it's also making hell of a lot of noise too. Thankfully hubby called for a techie to take a look and he will be here tomorrow. Fortunately, we do have another fridge, a much bigger one that's in the washing area so for the time-being, all the food stuff goes there.

Ohhh, my best friend from Shanghai called and we had a good natter. She will be in the UK sometime in Sept and will be popping over to see me so I'm kinda excited. Pity she won't be in Singapore during the time I'm there as her mom is flying out to visit her. Gosh really miss her company as she's one person I can really open my heart to and we can just talk about anything in the world! Can't wait to see her in Sept!

Managed a LO last nite for the Scraplift challenge. Played with Basic Grey Color Me Silly papers. Quite pleased with the outcome and went for a clean, simple look. Will reveal once it's out on the Scrapitude site.

Rite, need to complete another LO for another challenge. Oh, had a good news from Cherry Arte. They accepted another of my LO for their gallery submission and it's already there! Cool! TTFN!

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