Sunday, 18 June 2006

Happy Father's Day!

The boys gave their dad a tie that they had chosen from Marks & Spencer and a lovely box of chocolates! Then we decided to go cycling in Rutland Water, somewhere in Leicestershire. It was a perfect day for cycling as it wasn't too hot and was slightly windy. Hubby loaded the bikes and it took us roughly an hourish to get there.

There were loads of people around (not surprising due to the weather!) Zac sat in his little cycle buggy. I reckon Ollie's bike is getting a little small for him and I think it's time for him to learn to cycle on 2 wheels now. Will have to start training him and will get him a new bike for his coming birthday too!

The initial cycle route was great, literally flat and plain sailing. I managed to pack a little picnic bag too and we had a little picnic after 2 hrs of cycling. Then we came upon a children's playground and the boys were let loose in there. After a round of ice lollies, Ollie and Zac ended in the cycle buggy. Ollie's bike was tied to the buggy and both of us decided to make a round trip of the entire place.
Gosh, at this stage, we encountered load of hilly routes. Then some really deserted route. We seemed to be cycling for miles and miles. By 6pm, I was already getting tired and we were no where near our car! In the end, hubby had to seek assistance as I told him I wasn't gonna cycle further if he didn't know the way back. My thighs were already aching! Eventually after another hour of cycling ... on the road itself, we reached the car where I could hardly stand! My legs were so wobbly! God knows how many calories I lost that afternoon! Nonetheless, it was a good workout!

On our way back we debated getting a takeaway as it would be almost 8pm by the time we reach home. Unfortunately, the choices of takeaway didn't whet our appetite so hubby decided to cook instead and we had one of the best meals! I was so thoroughly knackered that I went straight to bed! Didn't have a good nite sleep though due to aching muscles! :( TTFN!

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