Monday, 30 October 2006

>>> Start of School Term! <<<

Yah! Start of school term again! Sent Zac to school while Ollie stayed at home with me due to Teachers' Training day. Anyway, got him busy doing his writing, Maths, Science and English!

As for me, did my CJ... yup a bit late but had tons to do the week before. Thankfully I knew what I wanted to put in so it was done fairly quickly!

Can't believe October is drawing to a close. Felt the effects of the clock change. By 5pm, it started to get dark... find it so depressing. Hate it when it starts getting darker earlier and earlier, coupled with the cold, just wish I could hibernate from now till Spring!

Oh forgot to mention that Shoebox Trims is closing down. Tricia send an email last week to say that she now wanted to spend time with family and therefore is closing down her store. Sad but understandable. Somehow, I'm finding this is a trend these days with online businesses. I guess they haven't reckoned how much time it does take to run an online business, the number of hours put in and the stress of doing it all alone. It can take a toll and hence a fair number of sponsors on UKScrappers have closed down. Thankfully, I've got the Little Silver Hat to feed my ribbon addiction! Ohhh, received my DT kit and boy has she packed in some lovely ribbons... so mouthwatering! Had fun playing with them at Martha's crop. No doubt will be doing more LOs with those ribbons! TTFN!

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