Tuesday, 17 October 2006

>>> Tuesday Mutterings! <<<

It has been a busy morning for me! Well, every Tuesday that is! We have to get up extra early as Oliver has violin lessons at 8.20am in school. Then, it's photography day too so had to ensure that the boys were groomed. They both desperately need a haircut actually. Zac is looking more and more like a girl with his long hair, long enough to be tied into a ponytail! As for Ollie, his hair is getting a wee bit messy! Gotta get it sorted this weekend! Urghh, this weekend happens to be Scrapitude cyber crop too and I think I got my hands full!!! Will somehow try and do some time management. Luckily my class is on a Sunday at 2pm.

Spent the morning sorting out my photos and printing them out. Managed to do a LO in the afternoon as part of Homegrown DT assignments. Made use of August Hybrid kit:

Then in the nite, completed another LO:

Gosh the kit is full of stuff and absolutely luv Heidi Swapp silhouette words... just gave me an idea how to re-create it on transparency! Luv Luv Luv Cherry Arte papers... they are so easy to play with!

Bedtime was a nitemare! I usually calm the boys down by reading to them and then putting them in bed with hugs and cuddles. Hubby is now at home. He read to them and then started playing with them... getting them high! If he really expect them to calm down to sleep, he gotta be kidding! The boys now in a high state of emotion refused to sleep and was chatting, playing etc. Really PISSED me off when he does that!!! And when he can't control them, he passes the buck to me. So here I am, scolding them for not sleeping when in the first place it was hubby's fault for getting them into an excited state! MEN! They just don't bloody think sometimes!!!!

In the news, so much hoo haa about Madonna adopting an African boy! What's the big deal! She can't have kids naturally anymore and maternal instinct has kicked in so what's wrong with adopting... beside the poor kid is in an orphanage despite having his dad and family around!!! There's so many couples trying to adopt kids overseas as it has proven very difficult to adopt a baby in this country. This country's press has an unhealthy obsession of sensational news! They should concentrate more on the dismal state of the healthcare and try to get something done with it instead!!!!

Ohh, just found out that Channel 5 has set up a cable service called Five US... featuring all programmes from the US namely CSI!!!! Let's hope they will bring in more US programmes... can't help it as I grew up watching a lot of US programmes on TV. Somehow, it's more entertaining and the language is easier to follow. The UK ones are ok too but somehow the different accents just throws me off. I find it easier to understand American accent as opposed to British.


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