Friday, 20 October 2006

>>> Shopping! <<<

Ellen's 2nd day here. Immediately after the school run, we both headed to Birmingham town centre and painted the town red! Oh well, we just visited a few shops, namely clothes stores where I managed to pick up some sale items... some summer wear (yeah I know it's will be ages before summer hits but hey, I'm an optimistic person!). The best part about going early at 9ish is the lack of crowd. It's so nice to be able to browse about without being elbowed or the fear of being pickpocketed! I think we must have spent about 4 hours in town before heading home for a rest.

Thankfully my insurance certificate for the car has arrived so I'm able to apply for the car tax disc. Eeks I've been a little late for it so we went out again to the Post Office and later another browse in the shops. Then it was time to pick the boys up.

The afternoon went quickly. The boys had their Lego set to build, courtesy from Ellen and were kept occupied. Soon hubby was back and dinner was made. As soon as the boys were in bed, we adults sat down to watch a Jackie Chan movie but Ellen soon conked out immediately due to jet lag. I was knackered too as my flu has now progressed to my throat so I've been coughing and feeling yucky as well.

Postie brought me my Back Porch Memories kit. Just had to stroke it quickly and keep it away. Thankfully I've got a crop to go to next week so will have a good play with it! TTFN!

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