Friday, 27 October 2006

>>> Bye Best Pal! <<<

Ollie woke up at a ghastly hour, even before day broke as he wanted to paint his Spiderman!!! As mentioned, he had a clay set and we had made his Spiderman figerine using plaster of Paris. But we left it overnite to dry and that rascal somehow in his subconscious mind knew it needed painting so woke up very early! I left hubby to deal with him. Anyway, by 9ish, we gals were up and Ollie had already painted his Spiderman figurine, albeit a little messily.

Ellen packed her stuff and then we had a leisurely breakfast. Before we left, I gave her my parting gift:

At 10 to twelve, we left, heading for Digbeth bus station. She has to take the bus down to Heathrow to catch her plane for Prague. She's meeting her hubby there for a short holiday as he's currently in the Czech Republic on business. We were supposed to go with them but due to inability to get babysitter for the boys, we had to give up the idea! I really look forward to the day when we adults can just leave the boys on their own!!!

It was really heartbreaking to say goodbye to her. I'm so thankful she came for a visit and we had a great time going out. I'm so glad that we managed to meet up twice this year, once in Singapore and now here in the UK. We're hoping that we can see her in Shanghai next year. Our plan is to visit my parents, leave the boys with them and head off to Beijing then Shanghai. I find that China isn't a place for kids.

The afternoon was spent with the kids, keeping them from fighting each other and entertaining them. Just as I was about to finish making dinner, hubby called to say that there was a halloween party at MIL's house. Now in my family, things always happen last minute but telling me that I had to be at the party in half an hour was just too much! So we somehow rushed thru' dinner and had the boys dressed up in their halloween costumes.

Well, the boys' cousins were there along with hubby's sisters (he has 3!) There was spooky music, games and of course party food!
The boys enjoyed themselves, stuffing up on sweets and biscuits (a field day for them since they don't eat such rubbish in my house!) Not surprisingly, Ollie was on a high! Anyway, got them home at 10ish and they both went off to bed. I was so knackered that while lying with Zac, I went off to sleep as well. TTFN!

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