Saturday, 7 October 2006

>>> Day of Crap! <<<

Woke up with a stinking headache and I was supposed to go to the Moxley Crop! Had to pm Lisa that I might not make it! My fault really as I stayed up till 4ish in the wee morning to finish a LO. Had a striking idea and just had to do it... one of those LO that you just can't wait!

Anyway, spent the morning relaxing, doing a bit of laundry and generally watching TV most of the time. Then we had to send Ollie for his Mandarin class. After that we headed to Birmingham town centre to run an errand! BIG MISTAKE! The traffic was bad and the bloody city was swarming with people and the crowds served only to augment my throbbing head even more! I was getting more and more irritated as the minutes went by. Thankfully we couldn't stay long as we had to pick Ollie up! I think in future we will go somewhere less crowded.

Hooray, The Scrapper's Loft E-zine is out! I can now reveal my LO entries for the magazine:

This LO was based on an inspiration from a bag. I made use of the rectangular designs on the bag and incorporated it in my LO. Luv the effect of it! Papers are from 7 Gypsies and made use of Making Memories philly chipboard letters and Heidi rubons. Also used Daisy D's rubons and Deluxe Design chipboard shapes.

This LO was done based on an article relating to using paint. Hence I tried to create my design around using paints.

Found out from my dad that my brother is coming to Manchester this Wednesday. Hooray! Have already asked him to get me some curry paste, spicy chicken powder (to be used with chicken wings ... my boys luv them) and some superhero outfits (for the boys obviously!). I'm very tempted to ask him to get me a pair of Crocs too as they are so much cheaper there. Hubby doesn't fancy driving up on Wednesday nite so I might have to go on Thursday morning immediately after school run... not sure if it's a good idea as I might hit morning rush hour. It takes about 2 hrish to drive there and I'm hoping to get back before 3pm for the school run. Will see if I can persuade hubby to go on Wed nite instead!

Rite, off to put on my thinking cap as I've got a CJ to make and do! Dun wanna wait till posting day to do .... TTFN!

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