Thursday, 26 October 2006

>>> More Shopping! <<<

What a day! It rained and it was that kind of miserable rain, so dreary and irritating! Anyway, managed to get MIL to have Oliver and we took Zac to Birmingham town centre for another spot of shopping! Have to say, I've never shopped so much before!

Anyway, Ellen needed to get some last minute stuff and I need to get some essentials for the house. So we headed toward Poundland where I got stuff for the kitchen. Then spied some craft items and that fell into the basket too. Oh and Toblerone too... not bad for a £1! As it was still drizzling, decided to go home.

Hubby called and asked if we wanted to go out at nite. So somehow he arranged for MIL to have Zac too and we went to Thai Edge restaurant for a good Thai meal. Started off with Tom Yam soup... ohhh it was so good especially on a rainy day.

Then we went for prawns, squids and mixed veggie dishes, most of them spicy. Food was so good! We really stuffed ourselves and finished it off with 3 scoops of chocolate, mango and coconut ice-cream. Unfortunately, as we had to pick the boys at 9pm, so we left. Still it was good to be able to go out sans kids! TTFN!

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