Thursday, 12 October 2006

>>>Stash Galore! <<<

More scrapping stash came for me today. Firstly Homegrown DT kit for August! Yup August... what happened was that Steph sent it to Singapore (since I was there the whole month of August) but somehow it never arrived in time and it only got there 1 week after I had left Singapore. Got my dad to sent it to me, instead he chose via surface mail!!! Awhhh! So finally it has arrived! I had already informed Steph about it and she was cool! So now I've 2 DT kits to play.

Then postie (parcels are delivered separately by Royal Mail van as opposed to letters by postie on foot!) brought me my ribbon stash from Shoebox Trims. The theme this month is Christmas and there's a lovely selection of traditional red, green and gold. Mmmm, aren't they lovely?!!!

I'm gonna be a single mom for the next 5 days as hubby has booked himself a walking trip with an old friend in Norfolk! Don't envy him as it's getting cold and certainly don't wanna freeze my butt out walking in this weather! I don't see any problem with the boys as I find that they behave far better when he's not around as they have no one to turn to when I scold them. Usually hubby will give in to their sobs and demands as he's such a softie!!! And when he can't handle them, he usually passes them back to me! Without him around, they are in bed early like 8pm instead of 9 and they sleep off straightaway instead of nattering about.

Yah, saw Grey's Anatomy and each episode gets more and more exciting! Kinda leaves you begging for more. I'm hoping that Ellen is able to lay her hands on the 2nd series DVD. After that, switched to Film 4 to see another Korean movie. This time it's about a man who was imprisoned for 15 years as a kinda experiment and then when he was let out, he was determine to find out who had imprisoned him. It was a little surreal and had no idea what happened in the end as I fell asleep. Let's just say it wasn't as interesting as the supernatural one! TTFN!

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Marja said...

I only started watching grey's anatomy this time around and am kicking myself for not watching it from the beginning. I am so addicted to that show and hate when the hour is up on Thursday nights and there is that week long wait for the next installment!