Sunday, 8 October 2006

>>> Feeling Low! <<<

I can feel a flu coming on. Whole body's aching and literally knackered!!! Didn't help that my SIL and her 2 boys came over to visit including my MIL so had to do a bit of entertaining. By 5ish, I was ready to go to bed but had to resist! Thankfully the boys didn't make such a din but I was only too happy to see them leave at 6pm. Got my boys ready for bed and sent them off early. Hubby was suprised to see me in bed by 8pm.

While turning the channels on TV, happened to see Live Birth on channel 5. Decided to watch it and it brought back memories of my birth experience. I was more interested in seeing the caesarian birth as I had one for my 2nd one (had to due to very bad, complicated experience with natural birth for the first one!) It was very interesting to learn about other women's birth experience.

By 10pm, I had to call it a nite! My eyes just couldn't keep await any longer... TTFN!

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