Thursday, 26 October 2006

>>> A Week Has Flown! <<<

Gosh, Ellen has been here for a week already! She is due to leave tomorrow. Thankfully hubby took the day off and we decided to go out.

Headed off to Melbrick Garden Centre where Ellen picked up some toys for her birdies back in Shanghai. Then we picked up a fabbo pecan and raisin loaf for tea. As it was nearing lunch time, we went to China Town to have tim sum. This particular Chinese restaurant is fabbo for its tim sum. We used to go to a restaurant near Wing Yip but its quality was more pure luck. At times it was great but mostly it was horrid! Hence since discovering this restaurant in China Town, we never went back there. Now if only I can remember the name but it's above Legs 11, a lapdancing club... so very easy to find! :)

Hubby picked the dishes. We tried some new dishes and it was delicious! The boys were satisfied with duck and rice and Zac even tried some noodles too.

After lunch, we headed towards the Bull Ring as we needed to get a birthday present. Zac's been invited to a Wacky Warehouse party this Saturday! As usual, it's hard to just buy someone else a present without the boys clamouring for one. So Zac picked up a Bionicle set while Ollie went for a Spiderman clay set.

Dinner was another dish cooked by Ellen and this time she made ginger chicken. The boys loved it. Later in the evening, I sneaked into my craft room and made Ellen a parting gift. TTFN!

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