Friday, 6 October 2006

>>> The Weekend's Here Again! <<<

Friday's upon us again! Gosh where has the days gone?

Spent the morning surfing around and discovered Making Memories Ledger papers! Fell in love with it but unfortunately none of the sponsors on UKScrappers stock them apart from one who has a booklet of 6x6 which I'm not so keen! Then someone pmed me a website whereby you can literally print out those ledger kind of papers (thanx Lianne!) So that's what I did and I'm gonna create a LO from it!

Managed to start on a LO too before I had some errands to run. Would have done it after school run but it drizzled and I didn't fancy going out in the rain. Why on earth does it always rain during school runs??? Sigh! It just causes a lot more headaches and traffic jams!

Got hubby to get some Indian takeaway from Planet Spice. It's a balti shop that serves fabbo Indian dishes. Usually go for my fav... King Prawns Blangadash with augbergines, mushrooms and egg. Ordered the usual stuff like nan bread, popadums and a spinach side dish too. We seldom order takeaways as I find the selection rather pathetic... I'm not into greasy food so majority of the takeaways are out. Don't order Chinese either as I feel they are not up to standard. Maybe b'cos I'm just fussy but when you do eat Chinese food everyday, you certainly expect the best when you order a takeaway otherwise why bother!!! The boys had mash but I'm looking forward to the day when they can share an Indian meal with us!

Right, got ideas churning around my head and eager to put them down on paper! CSI is on but they are all repeats... gosh I'm dying to watch the latest series now showing in the US! Sigh... think I'm living in the wrong country! TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

oh oh oh thanks for sharing that website. I have ben wanting some ledger paper forever!