Wednesday, 11 October 2006

>>> More Goodies! <<<

Hooray, my brother has arrived in Manchester. Will be good to see someone from home!

Decided to do a canvas for my parents as an advance Xmas gift. Quite pleased with the result:

Here's a picture of them taken with the boys at the Kelong in Indonesia. Played with Rhonna Farrer swirls v2 stamps and my new Art Warehouse stamps. Tried the new Dew Drops inks too and they are brillant! They don't stain the clear stamps at all!

We left the house at 7.30pm and arrived in Manchester about 9pm. i had printed off a map and all was fine until we were supposed to turn into Blackfrairs Street but somehow it wasn't the street we turned to and we spent the next half hour roaming around Manchester City Centre! In the end had to ask a cab driver for directions! Always happens when we go to Manchester!!! Definintely a satnav is on the wishlist!!!

Eventually got to my brother's hotel room and found my lovely pair of pink Croc sitting on his luggage! They look more gorgeous in real life.

My parents had bought the boys each a superhero outfit, Ollie had a spiderman outfit and Zac, superman. They couldn't wait to wear them.

Left Manchester at 10.30pm and finally got back two hours later. Made a mistake of turing to Film 4 and found a Korean movie on... boy was the storyline absolutely fabulous! It was about a group of army personnels sent to an island call R Point to search for some missing soldiers. Anyway the island is completely haunted and there was supernatural forces at work that eventually killed all 9 but one soldier and he was left insane! And the best part, when another group of personnels were sent to rescue them, they only found the living person but the rest had conveniently disappeared! Wow! That was one super scary movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Obviously it came with English subtitles!

Postie brought me my DT goodies from Scrapitude. It consisted of Dream Street papers and boy are they so yummy! There are two versions of it, a female and male version. But I need to get my class for next week's Scrapitude cyber class sorted first before playing with those papers! TTFN!


Anam said...

fabby costumes - cool about the Dt for homegrown - miss their kits.

KimmyS said...

HOW amazing is the canvas for your parents?? I adore it!