Friday, 13 October 2006

>>> TGIF! <<<

I used to welcome Friday with open arms when I was working but now as a SAHM, makes no difference to me. Instead Friday means tons of washing to ensure the boys have their uniforms ready for Monday! These days, Friday means another week has flown by again and ever so quickly!

Attended Ollie's assembly today in school. His class did a performance on the The Cycle of Life charting a person's growth from baby to old age. They did well and I managed to catch a few good shots. The lightning in there makes it difficult to take fabbo shots or maybe it's just me! Played with a few settings in the camera to achieve this bright shot.

Upon reaching home, worked on Scrapitude cyber class project and am very pleased to say that I completed it. Here's a sneek peek but can't reveal what it is yet. The cyber crop takes place next weekend 21st-22nd Oct.

School run came and we headed towards mom-in-law's place for dinner. Normally see her on Thursday but since Ollie has soccer practice that day, we switched to Fridays. Knowing I'm on my own, she decided to keep Zac with her for the nite! Ollie wanted to sleep over but as he has Mandarin classes on Saturday, we decided he will stayover tomorrow instead. She's gonna meet a friend in town tomorrow and bring Zac with her. She's great!!!

Rite, need to make and decorate a Circle Journal that I'm taking part at the Scrapitude forum. Posting date is near and I'm far from the finished project! As usual, another last minute stuff again! Thank goodness there's a Jackie Chan movie on tonite to keep me company! TTFN!

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