Saturday, 28 October 2006

>>> The Weekend Again! <<<

Wow! The weekend is here again! Ollie and I had a good lie-in and didn't wake up till 10ish! Hubby doesn't do lie-in so was awake and doing housework!

His sister and niece popped in and this was followed by his mom and another niece later. By noon, I had to bring Zac to his friend's birthday party. Decided to stay with him to keep an eye over him. I was given the option to leave but thought he was a wee bit young to be left on his own. Gosh, he played till he literally sweated!

Anyway, he enjoyed himself and after two hours, came home with a goody bag.

SIL and her niece was still around and the kiddies played playdoh. They later left. Sent hubby off to do some grocery shopping. While the boys were watching cartoons, I worked on a LO assignment.

The nite was spent crafting... making up for lost time! Grey's Anatomy kept me company too and boy oh boy is Series 2 a smasher! Not gonna give any clues away but watch out for coming episodes... they will really keep you on edge! Had to also pack for Martha's crop the next day too!

Oh, I literally saw the clock changing time! I was on the PC when I noticed at 2am, it switched automatically to 1am! So had to go adjusting my clock and mobile too. Cool, an extra hour of sleep, not that it would make any difference as I finally went to bed at 4 in the morning! Blame it on Grey's Anatomy! TTFN!

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