Monday, 16 October 2006

>>> The Dreaded 'H'! <<<

H is for Housework! Yeah, I did it. After the school run, came back and sorted the house out as hubby is coming back today. Got the vacuum cleaner out and literally hoovered the house down, including under the sofa! Recently had to move the sofa out of the way and was shock to find the amount of rubbish under it, including toys and the kiddies' toothbrush!!! So I did a thorough job out of it and by the time I was done, I was really knackered. Probably lost some calories at the same time!

Have to say I was a proper housewife toda! Cooked a storm for dinner... made curry for the adults and baked chicken wings for the boys together with some vegetable dish too. Got the kids ready for bed and by the time hubby came back, Zac was already asleep. Ollie heard his dad came back and quickly ran to the door. Not surprising, his dad had bought some Lego Bionicle sets for them so Ollie was in seventh delight! I had to ban him from fixing and he took it to bed.

As for creating, with my CJ out of the way, was looking forward to doing a LO but was just too tired so ended up in bed watching America's Top Model instead! This was then followed by Jade's PA and later CSI! Gotta luv Living TV... absolutely rock with great programmes! TTFN!

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