Tuesday, 10 October 2006

>>> Great News! <<<

Best pal Ellen called me from China to say she's coming over next Thursday! Whoopee! I'm totally delighted and she will be staying a week with me before meeting her hubby in Prague. Yup, I'm excited to bits but a pity she has to come during the half term. Will have to see if MIL can have the boys on some days. Gosh it will be so fun to hit the shops together! Will definitely arrange for an adult only dinner one evening.

Postie brought me more stash. Got a few new Dew Drops inkpads that is supposedly be able to use on non-porous materials. Will have to play around to see if it works! Also got some Art Warehouse stamps too. Definitely can't wait to play!

Spent the morning filling in application forms... really bore the s**t outta me! (I can think of stuff more interesting to do!) So tedious and wondering if I should bother but am getting progressively bored to tears staying at home.

Zac has got a party invitation! My little boy now has a party to go to... most of the time he sees his brother going to one but hey! he now has one to go to as well!

My dad informed me that my brother has left for England. Somehow persuaded hubby to drive me to Manchester as in my current state, I'm in no position to drive for 2 hrs (to and fro). Probably leave about 7pm to avoid the traffic! Gosh, can't wait to get my Crocs! :) Mom managed to repair my fav jade ear-rings too, a pair of dangling ones with teardrop jade at the end. Somehow I had dropped one of them on the driveway and it got squashed under my car! Pissed the hell of me it did! How on earth I managed to do that!!!

On the creative side, just found out that 2 of my LOs have been selected for publication. Cool! However, sometimes wish they inform earlier as I've gotta rush them out tomorrow!

Rite, it's late and that dreaded flu is playing havoc with my consciousness again! Not to mention having a nose that is completely block! Darn this flu! TTFN!

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