Monday, 9 October 2006

>>> Shopping! <<<

The best time to go shopping is at 9.30am where there's hardly anyone around and you can browse to your heart's content! After the school run, drove to the Bullring where I had a good nose around which I couldn't on Saturday due to the crowds! I was particularly looking for Crocs shoes and found a store in the Bullring that sold it. Then I called my dad to ask him to get one for me. It costs about £18 to buy in Singapore as opposed to £30 here! Why the difference I just cannot understand! Anyway will be seeing my brother this Thursday in Manchester to collect the stuff from him. I wanted a butter colour but there wasn't any so my dad got me a pink one instead! Oh well, can't wait for it... definitely need wide shoes as my toes tend to swell during the winter period... every year it's like that so I can't do anything about it! I might get a Crocs Aspen, a closedup pair later in the year... pity they only have 4 colours (black, navy, red and white).

Postie brought me my Hambly Studios overlays which I had to purchase in Singapore... kick myself now for not buying when I saw them up close and personal! At that time, didn't think much of them but now regretting dreadfully. Anyway got 4 overlays to play with... gosh they are so gorgeous.... can't understand why no sponsors in the UK have them.

Made some beef rendang tonite and it was delicious.. that dish is so morish! Hubby was stuck in London and wouldn't be in till almost 11pm. Anyway, when he came back, joined him for dinner again! (I had already had dinner with the kids!) I luv my curry.... have no problem eating them everyday if possible!

Check out the new sketch blog called Pencil Line. A few well-known scrappers have shown us what they have done with sketches.

Wanted to do a LO but my flu was affecting my consciousness! In the end, gave in to sleep! TTFN!

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Anam said...

hambly rock! BoxRoom Booty do them in the uk - frenchiejo from uks -