Saturday, 21 October 2006

>>> Cyber Crop Weekend! <<<

Today signals the Scrapitude forum cyber crop weekend. Normally I'm quite enthusiastic but I'm down with flu and a nagging cough and it's making me ever so miserable! Still despite that, I managed to do a couple of challenges:

Here's a LO that require the use of a black cardstock. Very easily achieved as I luv using black cardstock! Made use of Making Memories Cheeky papers and old stash lying around.

This challenge called for Xmas card using non-traditional colours so went with blues, browns and pink. Think it worked well!

Made a small errand to the Chinese supermarket to stock up on Chinese supplies. We needed to get a big bag of rice as ours is about to finish. Yeah, our main staple is rice. I also stocked up on some snacks too. I can't really stomach the Brits' fondness for crisps as I really dislike potatoes... I guess this stems from a long ago trip to Nepal, when I was trekking up the mountains and all meals consisted of potatoes cooked in different variations but still potatoes... at the end of the 4 days trek I had to virtually skip my meals as I was sooooo sick of eating potatoes! Since then, moi and potatoes aren't the best of friends!!! I'm more into the preserved fruits such as mangoes, plums, olives etc. And also the baked prawn crackers... mmmm! There are also lots more that I do snack on and luckily (for my figure I guess) I can't get them here in the UK so haven't been eating as much as I would have if those snacks were readily available. Each time I'm back in Singapore, I would be eating constantly, even if I weren't hungry but just the temptation is enough to make you wanna eat!

Back home, Ellen taught me to cook beef rendang from scratch i.e how to make the spices for the rendang (akin to curry but the dried kind). Hence, made use of loads of spices such as galanger (akin to ginger), garlic, shallot, lemon grass all grinded finely. It's good to know although it is a lot of work... far easier to buy the spice already in a package. We had a great dinner. The boys went to bed early and Ellen zonked out shortly after. I caught up with my scrapping. Looking forward to more challenges tomorrow! TTFN!

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