Monday, 23 October 2006

>>> Half Term Monday! <<<


So much happened that I forgot to blog! Well, I was due to give a class at 1300 and this was what I came up with:

This is a beer mat which I altered to make it a desktop frame. This is the front of the frame. Made use of Fancy Pants papers and loads of old stash.

This is the back of the frame. I decided to make it double-sided so that I can switch over. Pleased to say that the class went well. The cyber scrappers came up with some amazing frames so check out the Scrapitude gallery!

I didn't manage to complete any challenges as my head was pounding quite badly, not to mention a very sore throat too. Weather was dreadful so we stayed in as well.

Ellen taught me how to make ngoh hang (spring roll with mince pork and crabbed meat). It was quite easy and we steamed the dish instead of frying it. It was very delicious.

This is what it looks like although they haven't been cooked. It is usually fried and can be oily but we chose to steam it. I found later that after steaming, you could bake it to make the skin crispy. A much healtier option to flying!

Later in the nite, we adults watched From Dusk to Dawn as Ellen hasn't seen it yet. I remember the first time watching it and was on edge during the part where the vampires appeared. It was such a weird movie. A little farfetched!



Ellen wanted to buy some stuff from Marks & Spencer so we headed towards Solihull. Brought my MIL along as she has a discount card from M&S plus she is a great help with the boys too. Ellen, Zac and moi browsed in M&S while she brought Ollie to another shop. I managed to find a lovely jumper from Per Una as well as a new bra, one of those seamless ones! Ellen got a few items as well. We were quite pleased with our finds!

Then we went to Lakeland but I didn't see anything worth buying in the craft department. Finally we made our way home as we were getting knackered... it's tiring trying to shop and mind the kids as well.

On the creative front, received two good news, 2 of my LOs have been selected for publication as well as a commissioned work requested. The latter will definitely stretch my grey matters but hey, what a challenge! Off to have ponder.... TTFN!

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