Sunday, 15 October 2006

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Here's today's theme:

CROPS - You either love them or hate them - What makes the "perfect" crop for you? What environment works for you?

I do love them! I'm fortunate that I've got a choice of 3 nearby crops to attend to in my area. There's probably more but due to distance (I dislike driving long distance!), have strike them off my list. There's Martha's crop which is held every last Sunday of the month from 11am-6pm. Sometimes she has a full dayer which is 10am-10pm. It happens only about 3-4 times in a year. In fact there is one at the end of this month... cool, can't wait!

Then there is the Moxley crop run by Lisa and finally the Junction 7 crop run by Chris and Andrea. The latter is a new one. Both of these are held on Saturdays, the former, 1st Sat of the month while the latter somewhere in the middle or end of the month.

I do enjoy going to crops. To me, it signals 'me' time, the ability to scrap sans kids & hubby and to indulge in my passionate hobby. It allows me to meet up with other scrappers too.

I don't have much requirement apart from there must be sufficient tables and chairs, good lighting and a shop supplying scrapping stuff will be gratefully appreciated. As for environment, as long as the people attending are friendly, I'm fine... can't abide by those who bitch and spread illwill to others...


Yeah, finally completed my CJ after toiling on it for 3 days! My fault entirely for humming and awwing and not doing it earlier! Here's a peek of it:

Made use of all the old papers and stash that I had. In fact I'm now trying to use them up as much as possible so my mission for the CJ is to unleash the old stash.

Duh, just found my car licence reminder and I'm way overdue... ahhh so is my MOT and car insurance too... Oct is a horrid month as all these 3 are due this month... gotta get them sorted tomorrow morning asap!

The boys went off to bed early tonite... guess they were tired out. I'm knackered too as I've been keeping late nites too. Gosh, need to finish up my DT assignments before Thursday as Ellen arrives that day... doubt if I'll have much time to scrap after due to entertaining her and also it will be half term for the boys the following week! Busy weeks ahead... TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

Wowee - I can't wait the see the CJ in its ful glory. It looks fabby already!

I am trying the same, to use as much cut offs and old stash as possible