Thursday, 19 October 2006

>>> Muckiness! <<<

Had to send my car to the Renault garage to have it MOT! Told the chap I needed it by 2.30pm as I had no intention of dragging 2 boys on public transport to collect the car... that would be a nitemare!. He was ok with it. Went home on the bus and later at noon, had a call to say it failed as it needed the wipers changed and the handbraked tighten... not sure how this affected the MOT but I had to get them sorted at extra cost... sigh... there goes my stash allowance!!!! By 1pm, I was told the car was ready so I left early to pick it up.

Managed to do quick LO while waiting for my car:

Played with Scrapwork Citrus collection papers (from HG Sept Trilogy) and added lots of old stash onto it! Oh and finally brought myself to cut up the Hambly overlay... they are just too luscious to be used! I'm kinda like using patterned paper as background. Just experimenting with it.

It was parent's meeting at the school too so got my MIL to have the boys. Thankfully we didn't get a bad report apart from the fact that Oliver refusing to work with supply teachers. Whenever his teacher wasn't around and there was a supply teacher to cover, he wouldn't do his work or did very little. So his teacher was quite concerned about it! I wish they would have told us this earlier instead of waiting till parent's day to tell us. Not sure whether his refusal to work is because he's used to his teacher or he knows he can get away with not working with someone else who's new!!! He doesn't enjoy writing much but I always feel that the school system places far too much emphasis on writing at such a young age... what are they trying to achieve? Writers??? The poor kids have years ahead to do writing so why make them do it at 5-6 yrs... I would rather they learn a foreign language instead... far more useful... tell me how many adults do writing? I think they use their mouth more than their hands so why force kids to write at such a young age... sure as hell put them off learning and that is what I'm afraid of for Oliver! Well I will do my best to encourage him but won't force him. If this school system doesn't work for him, then I will have to find another that will but I won't allow this system to turn him off from school!

Later in the evening, sent hubby off to pick up Ellen from Digbeth, the National coach station. She had arrived at 5ish in Heathrow from China and took the National coach up to Birmingham as she didn't want us to pick her up. Gosh I was so pleased to see her. I'm looking forward to spending some time with her as we both share the same thoughts, interests, love of food so it will be great fun to rekindle it once again! She had bought some Lego set for the boys, and I got my Grey's Anatomy series 2 DVDs!!! Hooray!

Spent the nite chatting till 1am in the morning. Tomorrow we will go shopping... TTFN!

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Toni-Ann said...

For you MOT - the windscreen wipers have to work properly otherwise your view is impeded in bad weather and handbrake has to be working properly or you could roll back on a hill if parked and cause an accident. There are loads of checks they have to do for the MOT to make sure your car is roadworthy and these are just a couple of them!!
cool LO's as ever Audrey :)