Sunday, 1 October 2006

>>> Sunday Bloggers! <<<

It's time again for Sunday Bloggers and here's the topic:


if you had to list the top 5 pet hates.. the things that physically make you go "UGH"what would they be? what peeves you? What can make you leave a room!? Have a think and show us all your top five!

Here's my top 5 but I'm sure I can list more!

1) Smelly People

Ohhh, I just can't stand next to smelly people otherwise I'll gag! It's even worst when autumn/winter is approaching as people feel that they don't need to bathe often or wash their clothes but not realising how smelly that makes them. And I don't mean homeless people... I'm talking about those on the street and even pretty lass too... They look so good from a distance but close up to them and they smell horribly! Eeks!

2) Those who take things and don't put them back where they belong

Hubby's the main culprit. I'm by nature an organised person where I've stuff where they are supposed to be. It annoys me to bit when hubby use stuff and merely chucks it around so that when you want to use it, it's not where it's supposed to be... talk about wasting time hunting for it and it's often when you're in a hurry to use the item! Just gets me so mad when he does it!

3) Carpets and net curtains

When I first moved here, I was amazed at how much carpet is used in homes as I come from a country where carpet only exist in hotel rooms! Even while living in France, people don't generally have carpets in their homes. Anyway, while house hunting here, I grew to dislike carpet more and more as I found them to be rather disgusting (the musty smell) and the bold prints that exist! Thankfully in my home, the only carpets in the house is the stairs (no choice due to kids) and the master bedroom (haven't got round to decorating that room yet). The rest of the house is carpet-free! I remember when I was househunting with boyfriend, we went to view this particular house and the chap showing us around was literally boasting about his Axminster carpet... god! they were the most horrid, hideous design I've ever seen. He even wanted to charge us extra if we wanted the carpet! I wish then I could have told him to take the carpet and stuff it! Goes without saying that we didn't put an offer in! As for net curtains, just find them very old fashion and do nothing to enhance the windows! Needless to say, got rid of all of them when I moved into the current home as the previous owner had left them in.

4) Pet Poos!

Especially to those who keeps CATS! My bloody neighbour's cat is constantly coming over to our garden to poo and especially in the sandpit area! Piss the hell outta me as (i) that's the boys' play area & (ii) it bloody stinks the place out! Why can't it poo in its own place! Also it annoys me when you see dog's poo on pavement! Why can't the owner pick it up and throw it away... I'm sure they do it in their own home so why can't they do it in public places??? It's so annoying when you get poo on pram's wheels or worst when the kids accidentally step on it!

5) Rude drivers/people

It's pisses me off when you give way and the other driver fails to acknowlege it. Same goes for people too when you open/hold doors for them and they walk past you as if the door has automatically open for them. What's wrong with saying 'thank you'. I know how it feels when I've to struggle opening a door and getting a pram through and I always make it a point to acknowlege my appreciation when someone helps me.



KimmyS said...

OMG yes, I forgot about people with BO and you are so right, why can't they take more care??

The other day I passed a gorgeous looking woman and nearly threw up when I smelled the stench coming form her armpits...yikes! Makes you wonder if those people can't smell it themselves? I am so concious about being smelly I always carry a spare deodorant with me.

Sally said...

In total agreement! I don't like any of those things either!

Ramona said...

You are so right. Those are the same things I'd list. (maybe without the carpet thing, I like to walk barefoot in my home and in winter it gets really cold, so the carpet is a good thing for me. Don't have it in all rooms though)