Wednesday, 1 November 2006

>>> Belated Halloween! <<<

I was too knackered to post last nite. In fact I went straight to sleep while lying down with Zac in his bed and stayed there the whole nite!

The afternoon was spent working on a magazine assignment. Then in the evening we went over to MIL's place as it was hubby's dad's birthday. We had dinner there and I watched part of the Banquet (movie starring Zhang Ziyi, the lass from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) that Ellen brough me. That DVD refuses to play on any of the Sony DVD sets that we have but will only play on cheap DVD set. Boy am I so pissed! I told hubby he had to get a £20 brandless multi-region DVD set (yup we saw it in an Indian store). I'm fedup of our sets not wanting to play some DVDs acquired from the Far East! It's just so annoying! And most of them have to be Chinese ones that I'm craving to watch as well! Gosh, I'm so missing the Chinese movies from the Far East, especially the kung fu ones...

We had some trick and treaters coming to our door and they went away with sweeties. I don't particularly celebrate Halloween, and don't really want the boys to have sweets either... in fact I don't buy any for them but then it's only b'cos it gets them in such a hyper state! It's so hard to get them under control when they go into that state!

Rite, off to create... TTFN!

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