Friday, 10 November 2006

>>> Toot! Toot!<<<

Woo Hoo! I was alerted by a friend that my layouts have appeared in Creative Scrapbooking December issue (view the online version here, pages 34 & 50). Kewl! Have to say, seem so surreal seeing them in the magazine!

Just had another email requesting 2 more of my layouts for publication so quite pleased! At this rate, I can stop buying the local magazines as I get a complimentary copy if my LOs appear! But it can be quite a hassle as you then have to pack the LO up carefully and send them off in pizza boxes! Unfortunately hubby threw out a fair number of pizza boxes so I'm now down to less than half a dozen and these have already been used!

Hubby's trip to Poole has been cancelled as he was informed he wasn't needed for help with the extension as BIL isn't doing anything. Seriously, the rate they go, they will be living in a freezing house over winter as currently there isn't any central heating at all! Pity my SIL... no wonder she's coming up over Xmas to stay with her mom.

Gosh, if hubby ever leave me without central heating, he would have had an earful from me!!! He did once, during Xmas 2000. At that time we had the old gas boiler and he had forgotten to order some oil so we ran out during the Xmas period. The day we were supposed to get delivery of the oil, we had a call to say it was cancelled as it was the day of the big freeze and all roads were literally frozen! Never mind that, we had guests too! Ellen and her hubby and hubby's old friend staying with us! So can you imagine.... no central heating and extremely cold as well! I really blew my top and we had a massive quarrel! I swear if I could have left him, I would but I already had Ollie who was a wee baby at that time! Anyway, he never forgot to check the oil level in the tank again and we never ran out. Then last year, we switched to gas as it was getting a hassle to get oil delivered. Our gas tank happens to be in the back garden and the only way through it is via the extended side of the house and we were informed that in future, for health and safety reasons, they couldn't delivery it via the house. So we took the plunge and got it sorted! Thank goodness, no more worrying about oil levels and delivery! You now wondering why we had oil in the first place, well, the previous owner had it and when we inherited the house, we just kept on using it.

Just got my last copy of Scrapbook Answers from the news agent. Pity it's the last as that mag offers great ideas! My next fav is Scrapbook Etc which I get them in Singapore due to massive price difference in the UK! I've not seen Creating Keepsakes for a while but then I tend to borrow them from a friend. I'm trying to limit my ownership of magazines due to lack of space! Off to have a browse... TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

I am so bloomin stoked for you!!!!! I loved the LO's you did and I am always so proud when i see Scrappers I know being published!

Here's to many more of your LO's to be pubbed!!!