Sunday, 5 November 2006

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Here is today's topic:

Do you celebrate bonfire night = and if you do, what did you do this year? (or plan to do tonight?) Upload your firework shots (if you have any) and describe your celebrations!

I don't particularly celebrate bonfire nite but hubby has decided that he needed to burn the garden rubbish and chose this particular nite to do so. So as soon as dusk came, he got the bonfire going. He had even bought a special container for burning too. Anyway, dressed as warmly as I could, I went out to take a look. Have to say it was impressive. Here are some pictures:

Here's hubby special container for burning his garden rubbish. He actually managed to clear all of them by 10pm!
Have to say, I'm impressed with how clear this has come up despite moi taking this picture in total darkness! Maybe I'm doing something right with the camera after all!!!!

Here's a close up of the fire! Have to say the warmth from it was glorious!


Burnt my arm rather badly today... all hubby's fault. He had put a Shepard Pie meal in the oven without any baking tray. As I was taking it out, the container buckled... suddenly vision of the food spilling on the floor flashed before my eyes so quickly rushed to the table. Somehow it did spill out onto the table but a little drop fell onto my hand as well.... Bl**dy hell! Felt this burning sensation and quickly washed it under cold running water. That little drop has literally taken the skin off my arm! Then I plucked off an aloe vera stem and liberally spread the sap onto the burnt area! The aloe vera plant is a useful plant in the kitchen as it helps soothe burns that you might get while cooking. It simply speed up the healing process and even prevents nasty blisters from forming. Here's how's bad I've been burnt!

The watery liquid is the aloe vera sap. I was applying it as liberal as I could. Just hope it doesn't scar but I've got my faith in the aloe vera for it's quick healing process!

So much for today... thankfully the boys slept through all the fireworks that was going off tonite! I went off with them too. TTFN!


Lianne said...

Ouch, that looks painful Audrey! Hope it's getting better now,

Lianne xxx

Toni-Ann said...

oww Audrey - u opoor thing, hope the aloe does its job well :)