Sunday, 12 November 2006

>>> Sunday Bloggers! <<<

Today's Sunday Bloggers is based upon inspiration:

Where do you find your inspiration? Especially when going through a dry spell? Do you remember a specific moment when a light bulb went on "click" and you knew you had to get home to scrap!! What common day objects do you now view with a scrappers eye?

Ever since I started scrapping, I've began to look at things around me with a scrapper's eye e.g. when I see colours, I see how they are combined and take note of it and see how they can be applied to my LOs. Sometimes I look at bill board and take note of the graphic designs, same for advertisements in the media. I look at them more closely than before. I've even scrapped a LO based on a paper towel as I was inspired by the mosiac designs on it! I carry a notebook in my hangbag so that when I see something interesting, I will note it down for future use. Yup, these days I use my eyes more than before, really looking instead of merely glancing.


The day started out lazy! Not surprising the 2 boys woke up mega early. We decided to go to Asda as the boys needed new wellies and I had seen some Spiderman ones there. Rather than hopping to the nearest one, we thought we go to the Mega Store in Minworth. Guess what!!! NO BLOODY WELLIES at all in the boys' section. Loads of them in the girls section but nada, zilch, nothing for boys! Boy was I so pissed!!! In fact the entire boys section of clothing literally paled in comparison to the girls... I was just so annoyed! To come all this way for nothing! Never mind that, felt a desperate urge for a cake but did they have anything interesting? NADA again... couldn't even find any chocolate cake to buy so ended up with profiteroles. They didn't even stock my fav Golden Lights crisps too! Just felt so disgusted!

MIL, SIL and her two boys popped over for a short visit. The boys were excited and rushed out to the garden to play. The boys are about the same age with them so they all played well. Hubby did the dinner tonite. He made roast lamb and we had a western meal with mash and roast potatoes. I didn't mind so much as it's ok to have a Western meal once in a blue moon. The lamb was cooked well.

Finally completed my unmounted red rubber storage. The folder is now a wee bit too big i.e. I've far too much stamps! Think I will pop into Staples tomorrow to get another folder. TTFN!

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