Saturday, 4 November 2006

>>> Bonfire! <<<

Sounds like it judging by the number of fireworks going off constantly even at 9ish pm! Was treated to a colourful display of fireworks going off but after a while, got bored! Spent the evening, part watching X-Factor and printing out my photos as I've ran out of them for scrapping!

I was awoken early this morning by the Royal Mail which only means a parcel has arrived for me. It was my DT kit from Homegrown. Gosh it's early as Steph had only posted it out early this week. All thoughts of a lie-in flew out of the window when I was the papers... lush! 7 Gypsies Capri, Cherry Arte & Imaginsce papers. Gonna have a ball playing with them!

Hubby had to pop into office to do some work as he has got a few projects going on. The morning was spent coaching Ollie on his writing and his Chinese. Later brought him for his Mandarin class and Zac and I then popped into MIL's house.

Hubby picked Ollie up and both went to Woolworths to buy a toy. We do a point system with the boys.. for good behaviour, they get a point and when they reach 10 points, they get a toy. Well, Ollie reached his mid-week and was pestering me to get him a toy. I told him to wait till the weekend. Anyway, the poor soul was so overwhelmed by what he saw in Woolworth that he couldn't decide what to choose!!! In the end, he selected 2 Japanese Lego figures. At this rate, I doubt if we need to get anything for them for Xmas!!!

Well, off to scrap! Got photos, got new papers, got CSI and Grey's Anatomy to keep me company the whole nite.... TTFN!

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