Friday, 3 November 2006

>>> TGIF Again! <<<

Another week has flown by again. Got ready for school run and found my car window completely iced up! Like I'm gonna stand in the freezing cold to scrap it off... went to get a jug of lukewarm water to throw and wham! ice gone! I know I shouldn't do that but no way am I gonna scrap ice off the windscreen!

Popped into Samaritan charity shop and found some buttons. Bought at least a dozen packets of buttons for only £3! Lady at the store said they will be more coming out so I guess I will be popping in next week to check it out. I tend to use a fair bit of buttons on my LOs these days and don't fancy buying those scrapping ones as they are extremely pricey not to mention very samey in look!

Brought Zac to nursery and I was asked if he was allowed to accompany a teacher to Tesco as the nursery had won a prize and they were going to collect it! So he did and he was telling me his little adventure. How he went to Tesco in a taxi car and they bought bread (baguettes actually) and how he ate a piece and liked it! So cute!

Taking a break from scrapping as I'm a little spaced out. I guess once it starts getting colder, just wanna hibernate till Spring if possible! Just wish I could really hibernate.... or even better moved to a warmer country eg. Singapore or even Australia as they are heading towards summer! What I give to be in a warmer climate now.......... TTFN!

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