Friday, 24 November 2006

>>> Last Minute Again! <<<

Eeks, just realised it's the 24th which means I need to submit my Goal's LO tomorrow. As usual, I've not done anything. I'm left with 2 more goals for this year, using my sewing machine and learning to scrap digitally. Hence, I chose the sewing maching goal:

Ever since I saw layouts with stitches on, I wanted a sewing machine and last Xmas, got my wish! Can't say that I've used it extensively but I'm happy with a tool that I can use when creativity strikes! Never mind that I can't sew for nuts but hey, never too late to learn. As usual, I had to follow some requirements and one of which was to include a non-traditional scrapbooking item. Well, did a Mizuhiki flower using Japanese heavily stauch rice paper. Learnt that skill while doing card-making.

Zac's staying overnite at his nan's tonite. We usually go over to MIL's place every Friday and somehow, the little one managed to worm his way into staying overnite... well, I'm not gonna say no! Less one boy to manage! LOL!

Hubby was supposed to cook dinner tonite but as usual didn't get back till almost 7.30pm. By 6.30pm, I had enough of waiting and when I couldn't get him on his mobile, I did the dinner instead. Made beef rendang and cooked a non-curry dish for Ollie. With this cold weather, nothing beats eating a curry!

Talking about cold, I can feel one of my toes swelling! Urghh! And to think that it's not that cold yet!

There's a cyber crop going on tonite and the weekend on UKScrappers. Not sure if I'm up to it as I've got some DT assignments to complete. Might do a class or so! TTFN!

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