Tuesday, 7 November 2006

>>> Monday Blues! <<<

Thankfully it isnt so cold today but chilly enough to keep me indoors! Spent the day doing a LO and watching TV. Immediately after school run, I would tune in to the Wright Stuff, followed by Trisha, then onto ITV3 for the news and later Loose Women. Call it boring but actually I doubt if I really watch it as I like the sound in the background while working on my LO!

The burnt on my hand looks awful and I've been applying my aloe vera constantly. It isn't painful unless touch and I've left it uncovered by plaster as I want it to heal faster. Luckily it's in an obscure area so it can be left in peace.

Decided to make miso soup for dinner as I figured it would be lovely to warm the body. But being lazy, decided to do a big pot with everything in it... so there were chunky meat balls, 2 different types of seaweed, carrots and vermicelli. Thank goodness I'm able to buy miso paste and seaweed in the Chinese supermarket. It was just delicious and even the boys ate the seaweed without any fuss! Thankfully there was a little leftover so guess who's gonna have a good lunch tomorrow!

I leave with some DT LOs....


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