Tuesday, 21 November 2006

>>> Urghh! <<<

Still no sign of any kit! Now that is unusual as this particular kit usually take at most 6 days to arrive from the US. Quite pissed with Royal Mail now... surely they would hire more people to handle the increased load at this time of the year. They are so quick to take money off you when you get a custom charge yet so slow in delivery parcels! Ohhh, which reminds me that I should be expecting my Technique Tuesday stamps anytime soon.... yeah, I live for stamps... luv them to bits, which explains why I'm not into die cut machines yet.

Spent the day writing an article for Homegrown blog. I'm given the task of writing about Scheming with Colour for tomorrow's blog entry. Trying to give a summarized view is more difficult than anticipated as there is so much to talk about.

Hubby's in London tonite at a cocktail party. How posh! Urghh, that means I've to take the rubbish out as it's bin day tomorrow. Absolutely load that task. Have already informed hubby that no way will go up to the end of the garden and drag the sackful of rubbish to the front of my house! God knows what flippin creatures I might encounter. I don't mind taking those already in the kitchen but not those tucked up near the garden shed. (I do have a very long garden!)

Rite, off to finish up my article... TTFN!

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