Thursday, 2 November 2006

>>> Freezing! <<<

Wow! Felt the full blast of the chilly wind today. Woke up this morning with the heater on so the house was nice and warm. It wasn't until I opened the front door for the morning school run that I suddenly felt the full blast of the cold! And there I was in three-quarter trousers, sockless, scarfless and hatless! Eeks! But it was too late to go hunting for my winter wear! Sigh... I guess that's it... autumn is well and truly here and time to dig out those winter wear for the boys and myself! Really not looking forward to it! :(

Had to leave the heater on the whole day as it was particularly cold today! No way was I about to freeze in the house and was looking at the boiler to see if I could crank it up higher! In the end, took a nice long hot shower. Looks like I will probably be showering more often as well just so to feel the warmth of the water.

The morning was spent finishing up my magazine assignment. Then embarked on a LO as I've got tons of unused kits begging to be used! My Homegrown DT kit should be arriving in the next few days so looking forward to it! Here's a LO created yesterday using K&CO Addison papers from Homegrown Hybrid Sept kit. Those papers are just so luscious... I'm really not a K&Co fan but lately their papers have been absolutely gorgeous!
Picture of moi taken in Bali, Indonesia in 1998... god only knows what I was thinking, having a snake around me! Eeks! Anyway, those were the days when I was single, carefree and kidless! Would luv to visit Bali again this time with the boys! They sure would luv the beaches!

Just heard about the Xmas plans ... the entire clan of hubby's will be descending upon us for the usual Xmas dinner... groan! Initially we were supposed to go to MIL's house but the venue was changed to ours instead! Sigh! Oh well, since hubby proposed hosting it, he can jolly well get the house ready which I no doubt he will as he's so anal about it! Thank goodness majority of his family don't drink! So not looking forward to Xmas... I used to travel whenever it was the Xmas season during my younger days... unfortunately, travelling at this peak period is pretty foolhardly as the fares somehow double in prices! Did ask once about going home and it would have cost about £800 per adult an air tix to fly back... usually pay half of that! Talk about daylight robbery!

Right off to watch Grey's Anatomy but these days, having the entire Series 2 on DVD, I'm not so bothered about catching it on TV! I think a hot shower beckons!!! TTFN!

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