Thursday, 9 November 2006

>>> Just So Mundane! <<<

Life is just so mundane that I've got nothing to say! Normal, boring life. Well, I did manage to post off Zac's Infant school application form way ahead of deadline (8th Dec)! I've chosen the same school as Ollie and keeping my fingers crossed that he does get the school. Only until I see it on paper that he's in that school, can I stop worrying! Imagine the logistical nitemare having to send them in 2 different schools. The school I want is considered a wee bit out of my address range but Ollie got in by virtue of putting his name on the waitlist. We transferred him in Feb 04 when we got the call that there was a vancancy in the school. Although Zac should get in due to his brother being there, I will only believe it when I know for sure!

I leave with some DT LOs done for Homegrown. This is from their October Trilogy kit that consisted of papers from 7 Gypsies Capri, Imaginsce Exotic East & Cherry Art Little Friends. I'm done with my projects and still have lots leftover! Might use some of them for making Xmas gifts


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