Tuesday, 7 November 2006

>>> Busy Tuesday! <<<

Tuesday is always a busy day for us! In fact the day starts early as Ollie has violin lessons in school at 8.20am. Hence that means we have to wake up an hour earlier so that we can leave the house by 8.15am (the latest)! It's a real struggle as the boys, strangely enough, have to be dragged out of bed!

After school, Ollie has another violin lesson, this time with the East Birmingham String Ensemble from 4-5.15pm. This takes place in the Junior school so thankfully we don't have far to travel and for the past few weeks, I would hang around till 4pm. I think next week, I shall try another strategy and go home instead, give them a quick bite and then go back. Such a pain having to hang around for half an hour.

Had to pop into the shop to get some groceries and I did just that... didn't have the mood to browse around the shops... somehow this cold just makes me wanna stay at home. Hubby told me this morning that we have been asked to go down to Poole to help his sister & brother-in-law. They are in the process of extending the house by themselves and it's taking an awfully long time to do so! Currently they don't have any central heating and have borrowed 2 portable heaters from us. I told hubby he could go down himself as it would just bore the hell outta me being there as he would be away helping BIL while I've to mind the kids in a house that is heaterless!!! So he might just take Ollie with him instead. No doubt he will be staying with his uncle who lives in Swanage. Moi, I rather stay at home, be surrounded by warmth and watch X-Factor and CSI on TV!!!! I'm not trying to be anti-social but I'm still having this dreaded flu and although it hasn't flared up so bad this week, I'm feeling rather chesty. Hence, I rather keep out of the cold so as not to tempt fate! As for Zac, his nose is constantly being blocked so I prefer that he isn't exposed to the cold unnecessary until I get his nose checked out! He can't be having viral infection all year round, as suggested by the Quark doctor in our surgery!

I've this insatiable urge to eat chocolates!!! Don't ask me why but this weather encourages me to eat far more than other seasons! Cooked a storm tonite, make fried wan tan for the boys while I did curry for myself (hubby out for dinner tonite). As it was a hugh pot of curry, I look forward to eating it tomorrow as well. They say an overnite curry taste superb and it's TRUE! Had to grab a bar of Toblerone and some dried pineapples. And shocked surprise a 6-pack Golden Lights crisps! I've already consumed nearly half the bar of Toberone and 3 packs of crisps! Oh dear.... such a pig!

Update on my hand, well, the blister that formed yesterday has gone flat! It looks like a scab instead! As for the main burnt, well, it is dry and shows no signs of blistering. In fact, it looks as if I had a really bad scratch that took the skin off as opposed to a burnt! Here's how it look today:

Excuse the image but having to twist my hand and trying to photo it at the same time isn't easy! But isn't the aloe vera a miracle cure... it doesn't look as bad as I feared it would. More liberal application of aloe should clear it up in the next few days!

Rite off to do a bit of scrapping... TTFN!

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