Monday, 13 November 2006

>>> Dental Care! <<<

All four of use trooped to the Dental Surgery today for our 6 monthly checkup. As the dental surgery is located in the town centre, we decided that all four of us schedule it at the same time. Our appointment was for 10.30am so I sent the boys off to school first while I went to Staples! Grabbed my A5 folder and also A5 sheet protector (why are they sold more expensively than the A4... just can't understand the logic!)

Picked the boys up from school and headed to town. I'm horrible in recognising directions. Somehow, the route that I've taken so many times, I just went blank and at the roundabout, instead of turning where I was supposed to, decided to go past it and then realized to my horror my mistake! Too late and I was stuck in a horrendous traffic jam at the roundabout, and a big one too! Flippin nitemare just to get back to the turnoff I was supposed to go! I reached the Dental Surgery exactly at 10.30am! Going home was equally a nitemare too, missed a turning and ended up at exactly the same roundabout I wanted to avoid. In the end had to go back to where I had come from and then headed toward the town's small roads to get out of the city centre. God knows why at 11ish am there is a massive jam!!! Finally got the boys back to school and went home to rest.

Did a bit of housework. Folded all the 3 loads of clothings. I don't mind washing them but just loathe folding them. It requires a lot of motivation to fold them! Then I had to clean the dryer's filter as it was beginning not to dry the clothes properly. Made use of the vacuum cleaner to clear out the dust that had collected. Once done, the dryer was perfect. I hardly put the clothes out to dry as the weather's crap for drying clothes.... well, it just feels so damp and cold and I've to put them in the dryer to dry them again. So what's the point of doing double work!!!

In the evening, caught 'I'm a celebrity, get me outta here!' I had a good laugh and there are an interesting mix of participants. Will definitely be catching series. Right, best go off to sleep as I've got an early start tomorrow! TTFN!

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