Sunday, 19 November 2006

>>> Sunday Lie-in! <<<

Hubby was nice enough to let me have a lie-in! Zac woke up about 7am and both he and daddy had breakfast and went over to hubby's mom's place. Anyway, I heard the key's in the door at about 11ish and reluctantly woke up. Gosh! The new mattress cover was fantastic. It literally molded to your body and I had the best sleep of my life! No wonder I didn't feel like getting out of bed! I guess I will be looking forward to sleeping every nite.

We had guests in for dinner, mainly MIL, SIL and her boyfriend. Hubby made Sunday Roast without the yorkshire pudding. It was nice but I think I have had enough of it as we had it last Sunday too, but with lamb. Hubby cooked beef today but as he was cutting the meat, I felt sick seeing the juice dripping out as he had cooked it medium rare. Somehow I managed to eat it though but I'm sick of potatoes now! Think I'm gonna cook curry tomorrow! Been yearning for it the past couple of days. Somehow in this cold weather, curry makes a good meal!

Have to say it was good of MIL to have the boys for the good part of the morning. Much as I luv them, they can drive me up the wall sometimes... not sure if it's b'cos they are boys and are very noisy and constantly at each other's throats (well, not all the time thankfully) but when you have been with them all day during the week, it does get a wee bit exhausting. You just feel like you want to some peace and quiet and have adult time to yourself! So yeah, was glad to be able to relax and watch TV without the kids whinning around me. Thank goodness I've got a crop to go to next Sunday... more ME time! Hubby can't complain really as he has been coming back later and later from work! This week alone he hardly saw the kids as he was back home way past their bedtime. It's no wonder Zac clings on to him when he's at home... probably feels so deprived of his dad! The poor soul is so swarmed with work and he has to go to London every week!

Took a rest from creating. Off to watch TV! TTFN!

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