Saturday, 25 November 2006

>>> Cyber Crop! <<<

Today's is UKScrapper's Cyber Crop. Well it started on Fri evening and will end on Sunday afternoon. I was asked to prepare a class about a month back. Took me by surprise but this was what I came up with:

My class involved using a transparency frame that I created as well as a journalling block. Thankfully the cyber class went well.

Dominique came over from Denmark for a short holiday. She stayed overnite with us and will be going back tomorrow. She's quite happy there, working for a well-known Danish engineering firm. Her problem is picking up the Danish language.... which according to her is very difficult! Sheesh! Don't wanna be in her position. It was hard work learning French, German, Japanese, Arabic & Spanish during Uni days!

Hubby bought some nuts but guess what! NO nutcracker around... so imagine a plateful of nuts with no nutcracker to open them... felt like cracking them with a hammer!!! TTFN!

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