Sunday, 24 December 2006

>>> Xmas Eve! <<<

It's Xmas Eve today! Made some last minute goody bags for my nieces and nephews since we are giving them cash instead of presents.

Wrapped up some last minute presents too, mainly the boys' bikes. We had a hard time hiding them and hubby did a good job of refurbishing Ollie's old bike. Let's hope Zac doesn't realise it.

Hubby's youngest sister and her boyfriend stayed over... personally I'm not so keen as I don't really like her. She's such a snob and ever so fake! For someone raised in a working class family, it's amazing how high she can raise her nose!!! As it was Xmas eve, we were busy trying to sort out the boys' gifts so we didn't sleep till after 1am. SIL's boyfriend had the cheek to come upstairs and ask if we were ready to go to bed, saying all the moving around was waking him up.... flippin heck! What a wimp! Mind you, we placed them in the living room which is slightly away from upstairs. Be interesting to see his sleep patterns once they have kids.... probably gone out of the window! TTFN!

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