Saturday, 9 December 2006

>>> Chinese Concert! <<<

Instead of chinese class, the organisation held a concert instead and Ollie was acting in it. Well, he didn't say much but merely mimic animals and pointed to his body parts when the songs were played. Can't say he can speak yet but hopefully one day!!!

Did a LO using the Dream Street papers and boy was it fun:

Created a LO of myself. I hardly scrap myself and to think I buy all these stuff and not use on myself... what a pity so here goes... well, at least my boys will have a page about their mom. I struggle to find themes to do about myself but decided to do one on my freckles! It's pretty unusual for a Chinese girl to have freckles as it's considered ugly and many a times I've been asked to buy lotions/creams to get rid of them. But I luv my freckles and find them unique... I just have to make sure they don't multiply too much and overwhelm my face instead! Played with my Fontwerks and Purple Onion stamps!

That's it for today... TTFN!

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Anam_Kihaku said...

fabby layout - i love freckles on other people - i think they look unique.