Sunday, 10 December 2006

>>> More Xmas Pressies! <<<

Hubby finally got his butt moving and purchase Ollie's Xmas bike. He needs a new one as the current one is a little too small for him. He's gonna fix up the current one for Zac to use. We had wanted to go to the shops to get some stuff but it started to rain and I just couldn't be bothered so we stayed at home instead. I started making the Xmas cards for the boys' classmates. Can I say how tedious it is and what a bore! There I was itching to do a layout instead! I made it quite simple, a tag with stamped images. My boys will add the finishing touches such as adding sequins to the trees and signing their name (well, at least Ollie will).

Now we need to find what to get for Zac... frankly, I don't wanna get any more toys for him as he's such as destroyer... all he does is take them apart and scatter the piece everywhere! So annoying having to hunt them down, put them together only for him to repeat the same scenario! He just doesn't appreciate them! God knows why he does it as Ollie never used to do such things at that age!

Rite, off to finish the cards... let's see if I can squeeze in a LO! TTFN!


Toni-Ann said...

get him some Geomag - I think he's old enough - it's the best toy ever for a boy who like deconstructing - I know 'cos I have one too ;)

Askinstoo said...
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