Saturday, 2 December 2006

>>> Mere Ramblings! <<<

Whee! Just found out I've won the Nov Goal's challenge on Scrapitude. Cool! December's challenge will be very interesting as it doesn't include any photos! Thankfully my last goal don't need any photos! :)

On the sad side, I've lost my fav earring. It's a cute jade dangling earring and somehow it must have come out from my right ear without me knowing. Looking for it in the house but to no avail... The only place I went was to the PO to collect a parcel, and to the boys' school. Not sure if I dropped it there. So annoying as I had it repaired once when it dropped the first time. Luckily I managed to find it but not before it was squashed by my car tyres. This time, can't even see it anywhere! Sigh! Don't think my mom will be too pleased as she gave it to me.

Did 2 LOs today, one of which is for Scrapitude kit. Gotta check out the kits.... lovely papers and she has them for both male and female versions. I've got the male version, blues and greens. The female consisted of orangy hues. I had fun doing the first LO. The other LO was done using Fancy Pants papers. Had some of them in my collection and thought I had better used it.

This is from the Wildheart collection. I so luv their papers! Oh and made use of Hambly Prints overlay too... totally 'heart' their products! And yup, played with my stamps too.

Ahhh, I'm A Celebrity has ended today. Matt was crowned King of the Jungle although I wish Myleene was the winner instead! Gosh, that programme has kept me truly entertained and it's gonna leave a gaping hole now at 9pm. Never laughed so much at David Gest antics! Oh well, back to CSI I guess! TTFN!


Marja said...

Gorgeous LO! Sorry you lost your earring :(

KimmyS said...

OMG - I don't even know which one Matt is...LMBO

I am so pleased you liked the Kit and I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with it! Thanksfully I can reveal tomorrow.

And I so adore what you did with the FP paper. You are rocking heir stuff