Saturday, 2 December 2006

>>> Darn Flu! <<<

I should have gotten a flu jab! Keep coming down with flu in this weather! I had to cancel going to a crop today as I didn't feel up to it with a running nose. Besides, didn't want to pass my flu to anyone.

However, any chance of resting was blown out of the window as hubby wanted to check out the bikes at Halford. We are thinking of getting one for Ollie for Xmas as he's due one. His current bike is a wee bit too small for him. As for Zac, we thought of getting him a motorised car. He certainly enjoyed those motorised rides he had when he was in Singapore. Will see what happens later.

In the afternoon, we headed to the German market after dropping Ollie off at Mandarin class. The only thing I like about it is the roasted sweet nuts that is sold there. Mmmmm absolutely yummy. Then Zac insisted on going on the Slide. So hubby had to accompany him as he's far too young to go on his own.

Here's how the slide looks like... no ordinary one. Went on one last year and it was darn scary especially going down as you really gather speed toward the end and you got no control whatsoever!

Have to say after the slide down, he appeared shell-shocked (probably at the speed he was going down! )

Eventually we got home and I zonked out on the sofa, totally knackered but felt refreshed actually. I guess the fresh air must have done me some good. However, would have preferred to be at a crop! TTFN!

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