Friday, 8 December 2006

>>> The Dreaded Word! <<<

Another Friday has arrived, signalling how close we are to Xmas! Frankly, I really dislike the fuss surrounding Xmas and much prefer to go away from it all. I used to do that when I was younger... my family don't really celebrate Xmas so I would take the opportunity to travel overseas, any country in the Far East, just to get away from the commericalism of Xmas. These days, Xmas is pretty meaningless, just lots of advertising to get you to part your cash unnecessarily. Even the kids get drawn into it! My boys get toys constantly so what difference does Xmas makes? Just more toys again! And then there's the unwanted gifts you get from well-meaning relatives... or you find yourself having to get something for someone despite not knowing what they really want... god! What a hassle! If flights weren't double the price at this time of the year, I guess I would have flown home!!!

Oh well, having said that, went to the PO to post out a Xmas swap that I'm in at the Scrapitude forum. Then had a browse around the shops and picked up some items for Xmas for hubby & the boys. If I don't start now, they will have nothing to unwrap for Xmas. Managed to pick up a few packets of lovely buttons at a charity shop too. I luv getting buttons from there due to the different shapes, textures and colours you can find. I find scrapbooking buttons look the same and just doesn't give the oomp! Picked up some clipboards too... am going to make an altered one for Ollie's teacher as a Xmas gift.

Guess I had better do something instead of lingering online! TTFN!

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