Friday, 29 December 2006

>>> Friday Again! <<<

Gosh, the last working day of the month! Can't believe this year has gone so quickly.

I had a play with my Imagepac, the stamp making kit but unfortunately, haven't had any success creating stamps that were usable. The image isn't clear and I called Imagepac for help. Was told it could be due to the light so I did try putting it higher but to no avail... tried lower but made no difference! Now wondering if I got some dude packets of gel!!! Frustrating!

Anyway, managed to do a DT LO.

The afternoon was spent at MIL's house where Ollie wanted to stay overnite. Fine by me! TTFN!

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Paul Holt said...

Hi audrey

I am sorry it likes we didnt give very good advice. Can you email me with your problem and I'll solve it for you. i'll also send you some replacement sachets.

Kind regards

Paul Holt