Monday, 25 December 2006

>>> Xmas Day! <<<

Merry Xmas everyone!

Thankfully the boys didn't wake up so early. In fact we had to even wake Zac up. Not surprising since we had a hard time getting them to bed early last nite. Both boys squealed with delight and both had a different approach to opening their presents.

Ollie's way was to throw out all the pressies from the sack and literally tore them apart! Zac slowly but surely took each individual pressie out and opened slowly, and even stopped to look at each one. Hence it wasn't surprising that Ollie's excitement soon turn to his brother's and asked if he could open Zac's pressies! Once done, both proceeded to go to the kitchen where Ollie fitted his Star Wars Lego and hubby helped fixed Zac's Playmobil aeroplane! Here's the aftermath after all that hardwork:

Thankfully SIL and boyfriend then left to go to MIL's house as they wanted to sleep longer.... we busied ourselves with the boys, playing with them. Later, hubby prepared the veggies for the Xmas dinner. Turkey is being handled by hubby's dad, who incidentally is a chef and a damn good one too!

About 1ish, hubby's parents, sis & boyfriend came over and the dinner started. His dad did a good job at the turkey... wasn't dry at all and tasted fabulous. Hubby did well with the veggies too. Not mushy at all ... absolutely detest eating overcooked veggie!

The afternoon was filled with more snacks. Gosh, never really pigged out so much before. Didn't go for the Xmas pudding though nor minced pies... don't really like them. At 7ish pm, they eventually left and I got the boys to bed. It was a great day! TTFN!

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