Thursday, 14 December 2006

>>> Just Do It! <<<

Made some cards today. It's surprising how fast I could do them when I put my mind to it. Well, they are mainly for friends and relatives. Sorted out the boys' Xmas cards for their friends too.

I've finally got myself a camera tripod after hankering for it for a year. Wanted one last year but at £30, wasn't keen on paying that price for it. Then Lidl had one today for £15 so went and grabbed it. Later found one that Agos was doing one for about £7ish but while comparing the facts, found that the Argos one is far more heavier which means it won't be comfortable carrying it around. Hopefully that will put an end to blurry nite pictures!

Ohhh, I've found my lost ear-ring that went missing a while back. I was putting on Zac's shoes at the bottom of the stairs when I suddenly saw it. However couldn't find the back part of the ear-ring but I'm not too upset as the main one, the one with the tear drop jade is safe and sound. Not tempting fate again, decided not to wear it.

Made this quick LO:

Played with my stamps and a wee bit of patterned papers. As you can see, it's more fun creating LOs than cards! TTFN!

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