Saturday, 23 December 2006

>>> Last Minute Madness! <<<

Hubby and his mom went to Marks & Spencer to collect the turkey that they had ordered. They went pretty early like 8ish and was lucky to get a parking space. By the time they came back, town was chocablock with people. MIL had gotten me a lovely red M&S small carrier bag. It will come in handy for crops!

Later we nipped out as I needed more wrapping papers for the boys' bikes. Then I remembered that I do not have a lamp for my stamp making kit so went searching for one. Can't believe how difficult it is to find one that takes 60watt and with a movable body. Managed to find one in Argo but it was maximum 40w. Well that will do until I find a proper one.

The boys are getting excited now... well, who wouldn't at their age. Oh well, as long as their belief in Santa exist, we will carry on humouring them. TTFN!

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