Thursday, 21 December 2006

>>> Sick! <<<

Poor Ollie... woke up in the middle of nite and had a puke! We reckoned he ate too much for dinner so was feeling uncomfortable. However, 2 hrs later, he did it again. And again at midday! This time, we suspect he may have picked up a virus instead. May have to bring him to the doctor's tomorrow if he's still unwell.

I had wanted to go to WHSmith to get a magazine but as I was driving towards the Fort's Shopping Centre, realised it was very foggy and decided to turn back home. Instead, went to pick up my Creating Keepsakes magazine from the newsagent. Just can't believe how foggy it was and couldn't resist taking a shot!

Spent the afternoon with the boys in bed, watching the cartoon channel. Gave Ollie some bread for dinner but he promptly threw what he ate so sent him off to bed again. Poor soul went to sleep early.

Rite, the dreaded task of wrapping pressies.... and making tags to go with it.... TTFN!

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