Wednesday, 27 December 2006

>>> Back To Reality! <<<

Hubby went back to work as there was no reason for him to be off. Postie came with a parcel for me... Fontwerks alpha stamps and 7 Gypsies square stamp. Gosh almost forgot about them! Still no sign of my Homegrown Nov Hybrid kit yet... very frustrating! Just hope it isn't lost as there's tons in there.

SIL came by with her daughter and we had a chat. Later we went to the park where the kiddies amused themselves.

Post Xmas sales started (actually started on Boxing Day). I'm not so bothered really... don't have anything that I particularly want and frankly just can't be bothered to brave the crowds to shop for a sale item. I've not shopped for a while and I really hate crowds! In fact, these days, I much prefer shopping online... hence, gonna give it a miss unless I can think of something I want! TTFN!

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